Water Technology & Protection

Water Technology & Protection

The Effectiveness of our Water Management and Conservation plans is of paramount importance in South Africa, and indeed the World at Large. We are very focused on fully identifying and understanding how the Ubiquitous and Unique water challenges faced within communities can be solved. We incorporate as many collaborations and synergistic projects into our strategies as possible, and by effectively facilitating relationships and maintaining that processes are in place, we are able to provide the solutions to you and your communities needs.

By evaluating the current level of training as many individuals as possible have, we can provide the most appropriate and practical solutions towards the challenges faced. By understanding the real causes of Environmental Pollution of water, we can also begin to make the biggest impact towards protecting our most precious Global Resource.

Humans are like an ever flowing river of fresh water. We stagnate if we stop progressing.
― Arshad Wahedna

We are currently involved in these focus areas;

  • Water harvesting and management systems to assist basic service delivery
  • Wastewater recycling and treatment
  • Mine waste tailing dam remediation
  • PlasmaPonic water rehabilitation into Agriculture