Sport has the unique ability of unifying a diverse group of people towards achieving a common goal and further identifying individual talent alongside teamwork. Sport brings people together from different cultures, genders, age-groups and races and captures their imagination for a given period of time. Providing immense physical and mental challenges for both an individual or group to strive towards overcoming and achieving success. We want to assist in finding our future leaders and helping them rise to the top of every occasion.

The Healing Africa Foundation is extensively involved in developing partnerships and programs that focus on providing a platform for the development of sports across varied codes and supporting activities that form part of the larger picture. We are actively engaged within a number of communities to determine the explicit needs and what solutions will best suit the people and local environment.

Some of the key areas we are involved with include:

  •  Genetic brain profiling and development trajectory insights
  • Multi-purpose sports facilities and programs
    • Pitches for Africa – portable cricket pitches and practice
  • Community outreach programs
    • Hoops Afrique – Facilitates the growth of Basketball into local communities through partnerships with The Healing Africa Foundation and various schools across Johannesburg.