Social & Enterprise Development

The Healing Africa Foundation has identified the need for the strategic integration of Social Development (SD) and Enterprise Development (ED), as an overarching component of all fund management programs and projects that are undertaken. Our approach has been refined by applying a Holistic methodology and adapting to the on-ground feedback with qualitative data that has been analysed. By including these two Development components into each unique program that is undertaken, and tailoring the required amount of influence needed through extensive analysis, any Donation or Investment Fund that we manage will achieve a viable and cutting-edge outcome.

Social Development (SD) may be defined as a process of improving the ability of individuals within a community to grow, first as individually and then collectively within a holistic group, in order to maximise the potential and effectiveness of the entire community. Its focus is on investing in people themselves, and promoting their Personal Empowerment as a mechanism for positive change. Enterprise development is focused more towards developing the Core Viability of any business, company or cooperative, and is mostly concerned with ensuring the sustained growth of an organisation is the imperative, more so than focusing on any individual within its membership.

We believe that by investing in people, and promoting their Personal Capacity for growth and Self-Empowerment, is the the most effective way to creating viable and impactful changes to the many challenges we collectively face. We also understand the complexities faced by new business ventures during the start-up and growth phases, and the need to be adaptable to the unique and ever-changing requirements of an expanding business. By fully understanding how the two unique development models can integrate their core aspects, and form a mutually beneficial program, tailored with the unique characteristics that are required, we believe that the outcomes from our projects will be extremely beneficial for all beneficiaries and stakeholders involved.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The Foundation is well placed to identify and understand the unique challenges within each specific community we engage with, and through the formation of Steering and Subcommittees, we work closely with all stakeholders to conduct pertinent baseline studies, formulate strategies and generate reports with an comprehensive Implementation Plans. With a focus on developing extensive and Qualitative Analytics from the data we manage, we can effectively identify the major challenges being faced in South Africa, and thus are able to better understand the solutions that are required.

With effective identification completed, we then elaborate on the most appropriate solutions that are available to us and develop the Projects and implementation plans accordingly. The first step is to alleviate the challenges many people currently face in their search for purpose and meaning, and creating an environment for individuals to begin their own process of self-empowerment. It is a collaborative effort that is required to overcome the current paradigm of entrenched poverty and dis-ease that is prevalent throughout society.

We are fully focused on engaging and enhancing the Process of social change, while working within the defined parameters of Policies & Programs that have been instituted into South African legislature. We feel that that within the framework that has been developed, there is a need for Qualitative changes to be introduced in order to reach the goals that have been created more effectively. While there is always a need to evaluate and amend the current structures, we want to focus on increasing the awareness and comprehension of the task at hand, in order to be more efficient with the energy and resources utilised towards productivity. This will create a knock-on effect that will enhance the Quality, Creativity, Enjoyment and furthermore the Mastery and Accomplishment that people are able to achieve. We also fully understand the vital need to integrate new and Advanced Technologies, Capital Investment & Supporting Infrastructure that will enhance the innovation and viability of our programs.