Proud Women

Proud Woman is a program designed to increase the number of women-led startups in SA and to activate born female leaders.

The Proud Woman Organisation’s (PWO) is not a charity, but rather it’s a beneficiation movement that identifies and secures returns towards a Proud Woman donor. The concept behind the PWO is simply to provide real support to the Matriarch within the family environment, through a one-to-one sponsor relationship . A Matriarch is the mother of the home, and is often ultimately responsible for their family’s upbringing, which includes providing healthcare, security, education and food for the dependants under her care. The core goal of the PWO is to match and connect Proud Woman from around the world, who are able to support other less fortunate, but equally Proud Woman in developing countries like South Africa, and to bring much needed investment into the country before rolling it out globally. The PWO is simple donor and recipient model of support.

Fundamentals of the Organisation:

Proudly supporting job creation, promoting entrepreneurship and supporting underprivileged women.
Utilising Blockchain technology and secure contracts to manage the programme and providing full transparency throughout.
Investments made through the Organisation are protected by being fully underwritten.
Increasing the number of women-led startups across the world and to activate natural-born female leaders.
No religious or political barriers are present, with the core focus being to support economic development among women.

The Proud Woman community will be made up of dedicated and ambitious women from all walks of life and varying ages. The Proud Woman Organisation is not afraid to take on the multinational companies and to promote the dissemination of new disruptive technologies into the world that aim to sustain & protect the welfare of underprivileged people.

There are no religious or political barriers to the Proud Woman organisation as the main focus is to support economic development among women in South Africa. The Proud Woman Organisation will promote a number of women-led startups in South Africa, and is comprised of dedicated, ambitious, and caring women from every demographic across the world. Being willing to challenge multinational companies and promote new disruptive technologies that encourage sustainability and create economic opportunities while having a limited effect on the environment, the Proud Woman organisation promotes innovative technology which aids in humanitarian investments, and encourages community mentoring and leadership coaching sessions. The Proud Woman Accelerator Program will be structured to meet the needs and interests of the women supported, and offers many services that include but are not limited to financial investment opportunities, ongoing peer advice and direction.

MOTO: A Proud Woman looks after a PROUD Woman.