Mining Rehabilitation

Mining Rehabilitation

The legacy of mining across Africa is simply of a one-sided system of extraction, with the value being dispersed primarily to interests beyond where the resources were found. This is a legacy that is ready to receive an opportunity to make amends and Share the true value back into the land and people it was taken from.

Through the solid partnerships with experts in the industry, who are focused on the Rehabilitation and Remediation of Mining Waste and Dump-sites, including tailing dams and landfills.  The Healing Africa Foundation is very focused on transforming the negative legacy of mining in South Africa, and creating the ability to effectively use what has been done before, and to establish new wealth creation for the people. Utilising the advancements in technology and adaptive methodologies we have access to, our goal is to demonstrate the immense Value that can be generated through the effective rehabilitation and remediation processes we have at our disposal. We have furthermore developed a range of landscape development models that can be applied to any environment, that promote the effective use of local resources and enhance the unique characteristics that are available at each specific site.


Some of the technologies we have access to include;

  • Acid Mine Drainage water Remediation
  • Waste water management and facilities
  • Rehabilitation of polluted water