Investment Models

The Investment Model we employ is characterised by the core principles outlined in the Project Pillars which are based on the Foundations Constitution Document. Namely, all our projects incorporate the need to protect and rehabilitate the environment, while ensuring that the Real needs of people are being met and that communities are fully benefiting from any implementation that is undertaken. Furthermore, that each project focuses on Viable Job Creation and generates an income that is sufficient to maintain the sustainable development of any Enterprise. We provide experts that advise on the core competencies required in the development of small, medium black owned enterprises. With mentoring and support on fundamental Entrepreneurial tools, research and product development, Business Management training and accounting, along with Marketing support, all the Enterprises we assist receive essential knowledge to assist them to begin and grow their own businesses.

We implement a framework throughout the Incubation and New Venture Creation process whereby a Percentage Stakeholding of each business is retained for a set period of time. The Percentages of Stakeholding is in place to effectively evaluate the trajectory of any new Enterprise and to ensure successful growth throughout the most challenging period for any business, and thus vastly reduces the Risks of failure. We provide access to the many Core Competencies within the Foundation, and assist with the daily operations where necessary. The New Venture Creation framework is as follows;

  • Year 1-3:  90%  Foundation Stakeholding
  • Year 3-5:  50% Foundation Stakeholding
  • Year 5-8:  10% Foundation Stakeholding

We furthermore retain a Minority Partnership role within all SMEs that are developed, which provides remuneration to facilitate an ongoing Administration Role to support continued development, and furthermore accomodate for the Return on Investment for external Funders to the Foundation.

Return on Investment

For any Investment into the Healing Africa Foundation, we develop Working in Association Contracts that clearly define the expected return on invested capital amounts, the timeline and any continued Incorporation to any Enterprise managed by the Foundation. Through strategic partnerships with Executive Fund managers, along with National and Provincial Government Departments, we are able to gear investments to Insure the funding and request Match-Funding on specific projects to enhance the effectiveness on implementations. With the majority of New Ventures that we established being Franchise Models that have great potential to expand, we have a established a very solid Investment Strategy that provides all Stakeholders and Beneficiaries with the value they require.