Health, Safety & Sanitation

Health, Safety & Sanitation

Health and safety is an extremely important Department within The Healing Africa Foundation, and the critical need to expand the awareness and knowledge of basic health understanding and safety procedures into communities is vast. Through expansive and focused campaigns with our partners, we provide access to a variety of skills workshops, training modules and courses. With continued engagement and support through our various partners and involved communities we are making an impact towards assisting people towards understanding the need to be educated in this regard, for both themselves and their dependents.

The Healing Africa Foundation furthermore promotes the introduction of applicable technologies and products thats serve to alleviate the growing challenges currently faced. We have a specific focus on providing an immediate solution to the growing concerns around the quality of air in and around many communities, specifically within the Vaal triangle region in Gauteng.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
― Hippocrates

Community Activations:

Community activations provide the launch pad for the health & safety engagement, which includes the selection of guardians from within their local communities to form part of the Steering and subcommittee model. The process includes a managed phased approach:

  • Phase One – Baseline Study
    • Conducting a baseline study of selected regions will provide vital data that will assist in identifying the unique challenges faced in each specific location. Appropriate solutions and best practice towards the approach for each community will be created through the baseline analysis.
  • Phase Two – Community activation
    • Introducing HAF and partners to the selected community network and identifying the community guardians.
    • Database management and communication strategy implemented, along with introduction to the formal franchise business opportunities.
  • Phase Three – Education & sales
    • Door-to-door regional engagements conducted by community guardians/franchise operators, with health and safety information disseminated to registered dwellings.
    • Data collection,feedback and suggestions and sale of Jet Star stoves and fuels.
  • Phase Four – Feedback and support
    • Analyse the reports from individual engagements along with feedback from community guardians in terms of the effectiveness of  information.
    • Sales of stoves and fuels – Provide mentoring and business support for enterprise operators and field workers based on the feedback and suggestions from the engagements.
    •  Work with community guardians on the franchise business management and ensure the quality assurance and standards are maintained.

Products and services: 

  • Jet Star clean-cooking stoves
    • Jet Star clean-cooking stoves are an alternative technology cooking device that comprise of a patented combustion plate that utilises a Methanol based fuel source
    • Providing an alternative fuel source to the current use of paraffin stoves, wood and coal fires that are commonly used by many rural communities throughout Africa, we will mitigate the following hazards: toxic emissions, fire hazards and fatal ingestion of fuel by children.
    •  The methanol-based fuel that we provide produces a clear flame, that releases no toxic emissions and is provided in sealed containers that prevent both accidental leakage and consumption. The stoves themselves are very stable and store the fuel within the apparatus.