Green Solutions

Green Solutions are geared towards the Triple P bottom-line of; Planet, People, Profit. In that order, we are able to effectively leverage the resources from our environment and manage the tools that are required to produce a viable output that supports the maintenance, development and growth of Our Planet where we live, the People who we live with and the Profits that will provide the means to continue evolving together.

Some of the Key areas of focus include:

  • Soil rehabilitation programs
    • Effective Microorganisms
    • Promote the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in soils
  • Water rehabilitation programs
    • PlasmaPonics
    • Water purification through Plasma arc technology that enhances the bioavailability of Nitrates
  • Waste management programs
    • Household waste collection program
    • Franchise business model for local entrepreneurs
    • Branding for corporate sponsorship
  • Recycling initiatives
    • Aluminium waste collection initiative
  •  Solar technologies
    • Modular roof tiles