Funding CSR & Investment Models


Corporate Social Responsibility & BBBEE

The Healing Africa Foundation is actively engaged in raising and securing funding, through internal operations and with strategic partnerships, in order to facilitate the objectives of the organisation along with those Beneficiaries & NGO’s whom we endorse and support. The expertise and extensive value chain of partners we have at our disposal, has positioned the Foundation as a unique and innovative team to manage any organisations Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Through our Investment structure, which includes various Tiers based on the value of the Contributions we receive, and the Tax Certificates we may issue, we provide immense value to any investor through the innovative and highly sustainable projects and programs that we produce.

We produce funding proposals, business plans and applications to numerous organisations that we feel provide mutually beneficial working associations that allow us to achieve the goals we have established from within the various projects we have. Seeking out local and international funding opportunities is essential towards establishing a global network and expansive reach with the projects and programs we introduce. As a registered PBO (Public Beneficiary Organisation), with a level 1 BBBEE beneficiary status, we are able to provide Tax Certificates and BBBEE allocation points within the legal codes and current legislation.

Only 10% of community development funding is utilised effectively to creating sustainable development projects and enterprises. 

Quality Assurance Model

We ensure that throughout every step of the way, we adhere to the Quality Control processes that have been created, from project selection, evaluation and final approval, every step is vital to ensure the viability and successful implementation of all projects. From thorough needs analysis and collation of information, to feedback and refinement, we follow strict guidelines in order to manage each project effectively and maintain the focus within our project pillars. Strict project management of all budgets and the allocation of funding through project monitoring and digital reporting is executed through management committees Approval.

Funding allocations

Funding is allocated according to the manner in which they are acquired, with either a CSR Donation or through a direct Investment into a specific program or project. From this point, a detailed Working in Association Agreement between the respective parties is compiled, which stipulates the project’s Implementation Plan, Budget Requirements and the Timeline, and ensures complete Transparency. We allocate 20%  of the funds toward the auditing, planning, marketing, fundraising fees and project management requirements. A further 10%  may be allocated towards Project Insurance depending on the specific project requirements, and potential risks involved. A minimum of 70%  is allocated towards every project, and is fully compliant with our ratified constitution and board approval process.

Big 5 Funding Model

Our Big 5 Funding Model has been created with a Tiered structure that determines what any Funding Partners will be eligible to receive according to their donation. We have established this model to provide a framework for the Transparent management of your Organisations CSR spending through clear and concise structures. We provide a number of beneficial services attached to each level, which all include Tax Certificates to the value of the donation.  To see how your Contribution will be managed read more here.

BBBEE Scorecard

The Healing Africa Foundation will assist in facilitating the relationship with trusted our Verification Agents for any of our partners to access the latest framework and updated scorecards, and to achieve full compliance. With our unique Social and Enterprise Development model, we provide the opportunity to enhance your BBBEE Ratings through the programs and projects we produce. Find out how to work with us here.

Investment Models

We have a simple investment model that is structured for Global investments into South Africa and the projects we initiate and endorse through any collaborative effort. Investment into the Healing Africa Foundation provides access to the Enterprise Development programs we operate, and has a clear and transparent Return on Investment and Ownership Framework. To invest with us, find out more here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]