How are our Departments Segmented and Linked?

Our departments are all interlinked due to the nature of our unique approach to community development.  Departments encapsulate the type of work being done by the Foundation, but these departments do not stand alone. A diverse community may need water rehabilitation and women upliftment and our specialists in these fields will sit on the same committee to ensure proper project integration. Take a look at our steering and subcommittees model, which is elaborated on in the governance section to read more. These committees are responsible for daily operations and management procedures of each specific project or program, and report directly to the management committee for final approval on budgets and implementation plans.

Agriculture / Farming

Community Development

Construction / Green Building

Disability / Universal Design

Education / ECD Facilities

Green Solutions / Carbon Footprints

Heath / Safety / Sanitation

Mining Rehabilitation

Sport Coaching / Facilities / Profiling

Cultural Tourism / Digital Platforms

Water Treatment / Solutions

Wellness / Beauty / Businesses