Big 5 CSR Model

The Healing Africa Foundation is the Innovation and Management partner for your Corporate Social Responsibility. We have positioned ourselves to manage your entire organisations CSR spending requirements, and offer immense value by integrating every applicable Department into the development of highly viable programs and projects across South Africa. We facilitate the relationship between any Global Funder and the most appropriate Beneficiaries of their donations. We offer completely transparent and fully managed implementations of CSR initiatives, and work closely with the Communities who receive the benefits. We Ask what is needed, and ensure that only the best solutions are provided.

Our Big 5 CSR Model begins with any donation from R100, 000 up to R1 Million, and is designated the Leopard. From there the Rhino and Buffalo denote any contributions up to R2 Million and R5 Million respectively. All three of these levels allow any Funder to receive a Tax Certificate to the full sum of their donation, corresponding BBBEE points according to the  latest Government BBBEE Scorecard, nature of the donations and the type of project implemented. All Donations in these tiers will further receive marketing content which will be published and shared across various Social Media channels. Donations up to the amount of R10 Million classify as the Elephant tier, and receive all the previous benefits, and also include Database and Communication Strategy management within CSR programs, along with a Video Documentary. These funders will also be invited to engage further with communities and asked to form stronger relationships with their beneficiaries. Lastly we have the Lion tier that facilitates any Contribution over R10 Million and is the premier CSR Management account level we offer. We engage in creating fully tailored solutions that cater to your Organisation’s needs and provide access to the full suite of Digital Media Services available.