BBBEE Score Card

The Healing Africa Foundation is not a Verification Agent for BBBEE ratings and does not provide any official input towards your organisational compliance or official rating within the Framework provided. We do however provide unique insights and innovation through our Working in Associations and add immense value to possible rating points towards your scorecard with the projects we create. Our Goal is to work hand-in-hand with you to develop the most effective CSR programs for your Business, and to facilitate the relationships with other stakeholders, Beneficiaries and Official Verification Agents to assist with your compliance and enhance the status level.

We provide Key Insights into the following areas required for BBBEE Verification, Compliance and Rating;

  • Definition of Company Codes 
  • The 7 Elements that comprise the Generic Scorecard
  • Evaluate the Accuracy of information on your application
  • The best practice to achieve the Level you desire
  • Assist in the Design of your BBBEE report, Scorecard, Profiles, Policies and Strategies
  • Provide Access to Accredited Verification Agents who Independently evaluate your scorecard

A successful BBBEE process is not a once-off tick box scenario, and requires constant evaluation and updating in order to maintain the level you want your organisation to be at. We help you understand the process involved, determine how the ratings affect your Industry and business and evaluate the most effective way to achieve the results you want. Preparation of documents is essential, and assists with an initial calculation to see your current rating level.


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