Who are we?

The Healing Africa Foundation is Section 21 Not for Profit Company with a level 1 BBBEE Beneficiary status, 81% of our beneficiaries are black underprivileged South African. The Healing Africa Foundation has a women run directorship of namely Hlubi Zibi, Jasmen Chundurduth and Lisa Viola with a board of directors and solid constitution that demonstrates transparency & honesty.

The core objectives of the Foundation include; Corporate Social Responsibility Fund Management & Services thereof, Innovative strategies into Enterprise and Social Development, Partnerships and collaborations with NGO/NPO’s, Database Management and Communication Strategies, Project Implementation, mentoring & Support.

We have identified the major challenges faced by the People of South Africa, and indeed throughout Africa, and have focused on providing the solutions to make the greatest positive impact possible. We align ourselves to the National Development Plans established, and strive to bring about the necessary changes to eliminate poverty and enhance equality among All people. We strive to advance the recognition of art, culture and music of the peoples of South Africa through community centres, cultural villages, cultural tourism and festivals.

We adopt the principle of Ubuntu: ‘I am because you are, you are because we are.’ Ubuntu implies that there should be a common purpose to all human endeavours (including in the corporate form), which is based on the service to humanity.
What is our mission?

We aim to effectively identify the major challenges faced by the people of South Africa and to provide managed services to support corporate social investment & government initiatives that align to the National Development Plans.  We identify, plan,develop, execute, and implement projects that rehabilitate & conserve the environment as well as uplifting the living standards of the impoverished people living in townships & rural communities across Africa.  By fully engaging with the communities we serve, ongoing mentoring and support is a cornerstone of every project and program facilitated.

What is our vision?

To have a high adoption ratio of projects within communities and to build long lasting trusting relationships with communities. We aim to have many projects with various positive outcomes across our departments, which will have a ripple effect across the African continent.

Our Declaration?

To conduct our operations in an open, honest and transparent manner, that will reflect our integrity, protect our good name, and ensure our approachability from our members, beneficiaries, donors and others.

Being responsive to and addressing the needs of those around us.
Operating the organisation in a manner that portrays excellence, efficiency and effectiveness.
Recognising the rights of individuals.
Recognising the dignity of all, regardless of people group, financial status, gender, language or position